Sex Education In Schools.

Sex Education In Schools.

There is nothing worse than hearing parents winging wing about their children’s schools providing their children with Sex Education. They are perfectly fine with any other subject being taught. Just not Sex Education. Such parents seem to get over protective and snobby when this takes place.

You would be surprised at the number of parents who deliberately choose to live in denial when it comes to children and sex. They often assume that they can cope with the difficulties of living in a completely different world.

New York is one city who should be admired for deliberately choosing to include Sex Education in all of their schools. They have been doing this since the start of the year 2012.

It does not matter what type of sex practice or topic it is. Schools throughout New York are always looking at this from an educational point of view. Why? Because teenage pregnancy rates, HIV and AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases are becoming all to common throughout America. This is why all schools throughout New York believe it is important to provide Sex Education to America’s children.

Death and taxes are a couple of real issues we all have to deal with in life. I believe that sex is equally as real as these couple of things.

When I was going through primary school and college years, I remember having to take part in subjects that talked about sex. That’s right, even in primary school. All of the schools and colleges provided the Sex Education in an appropriate manner at appropriate levels for all ages. Whilst I do not know if it stopped children from having sex and falling pregnant too early, I can tell you that it is vital for all children to be aware of it. They should be aware of what goes on. How sex works, and what the consequences of sex are. They are also taught about how they should deal with it if it happens to them.

We will now talk about those who deliberately choose to abstain from having sex. That’s right, I am now dealing directly to a company called: The New York City Parents’ Choice Coalition. It is this company who have taken offense at such videos that show our children how they should put a condom on. They are also offended at other topics included in these videos to do with Sex Education.

Those of you who are reading this, I know you are probably wanting to convince parents to take Sex Education out of your children’s school curriculum. I know many parents who believe it is important to abstain from such a topic. With that in mind, is there any reason why we cannot both in the curriculum? Whilst abstaining from sex will prevent a child from falling pregnant, we still have to deal with the reality of it.

After chatting with a number of administrators and teachers at various schools, I can tell you that many of them know of children and teenagers who are taking part in oral sex. It is also assumed that oral sex is not the same as physical sex. This is a correct assumption. Anyone would know this.

If indeed there are children taking part in oral sex, then it is vital that they understand that not protecting themselves may end up being a disaster.

Sadly, however, there are parents who deliberately choose to hide from this reality. They assume that this topic is too difficult to talk about. They would rather avoid this honesty and one by one conversation with their child.

This is not the case for me. I may be a religious person, but I love discussing conversations that are real. I believe it is important to provide Sex Education to our children. I am not afraid to enter into this type of discussion.

New York City school teachers and professionals really ought to prepare for Sex Education as much as possible. There are people out there who have had enough of teenagers falling pregnant or finding themselves with HIV. All at the very young age of just sixteen.

My siblings have provided me with lots of nephews and nieces. I would love it if they were given Sex Education at school. Let’s stay away from hiding from this topic. It really is better to talk about this smartly and by professionals who know what they are talking about. Let’s get into this sooner rather than later.