Should sex education be required?

Should sex education be required?

Sex rules and makes the world. People all over the world know about it, and practice sex. Sex is actually a beautiful act if it is performed willingly between two partners, who are well aware of its consequences.

However unfortunately, the problem is that in today’s modern world, sex is no longer considered an expression of love. It is now used as a means of satisfying one’s sexual desire, no matter if the partner is ready or happy with it.

It is a means of showing how matured’ you are as only mature people know how to perform sex. Then there are many boys and men who rape females as revenge or sexual satiety or just because they are in a drunken stupor.

Then again, there are so many cults which make sex a norm to be followed and fulfilled by all their members. It is because of all this that many innocent victims fall prey to the consequences of sex like pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and the trauma because of all this, which can be at least controlled by imparting the right sex education.

At present, only 18 states in United States support and provide sex education to their students. On the contrary, a majority of Americans consider sex education to be a public health matter which should be a basic human right.

This is why they purport that accurate education about sex should be imparted to kids in their prime ages in school, and that this education should also include information about using contraception to children.

Sex Education

There is also a second group which believes that sex education may do more harm than good to children. They believe that it encourages risky and immoral sexual acts amidst the youngsters as they want to try out whatever they have been taught.

This is turn leads to the violation of a parent’s right at deciding what information they are comfortable with, and think should be discussed with their children. Now what is your view about the matter? What do you say about teaching sexual education? Read on to decide and vote!

Different perspectives to the topic

The major objection against imparting sex education is that it gives kids much more information about sex. This in turn makes them curious and thus encourages them to indulge in more sexual activity. However a study performed contradicts this notion or perspective.

This study was conducted by the World Health Organization over 35 sex education programs which were implemented around the world. The WHO did not find any evidence proving that these comprehensive sex education programs only ended up increasing the kids’ sexual activities.

Then there are many parents who feel that sex education is better taught at home as parents can impart all their values about sex education to their children when they feel it the right time to teach their children.

There is also a group of religious conservatives who argue that teaching comprehensive sex education in school goes against their religious morals and values. This is because the topics covered in sexual education would include teaching kids about homosexuality, contraception and abortion.

However there are also some studies which have repeatedly shown that STI transmissions and teen pregnancies have considerably reduced just by imparting accurate and extensive sex education in schools. According to the New England Journal of Medicine:

The United States has a much higher rate of teenage pregnancy than any other developed nations. These births in turn lead to additional substantial costs like health care costs, public assistance and even lead to a drop in income generation potential because of lower educational qualifications and consequent reduced earning potential.

However providing both teenage girls and women with free contraception, and by educating them about the concept of reversible contraception and the advantages of using LARC methods, have lead to a drop in the rates of unwanted pregnancy, birth and abortions when compared to the national rates of sexually experienced teens.

Presently, educating about abstinence-only has received millions of dollars through federal funds. This is mainly because this is the only form of sex education which religious conservatives do not mind being taught.

Moreover, parents who consider premarital sex, homosexuality, abortion and birth control to be morally wrong acts just don’t want their children being taught all this as sex education subjects in schools.