The Biggest Pornography Consumers by Country

The Biggest Pornography Consumers by Country

A recent research shows that in every five internet searches, more than one are pornography searches. Pornography content constitutes 69% of paid internet content. Global revenues that was generated from porn market have gone down by 50% since the year 2007. Availability of free online pornography led to this decline. Today, internet pornography business generates 3 billion USD per year. 88% of porn film scenes contain physical aggression acts, and 49% of the scenes are verbal aggressions. Porn subscription is higher in young people aged 15-24 years. Undergraduate degree holders watch pornography the most. An average college man and woman spends 64% and 18% respectively of their time in a week watching internet sex. Adult sites as a pastime beats out beauty, fitness, recreation and travel. The following countries are the biggest pornography consumers in the world.


Despite all moral orders and teachings against porn, people in Pakistan are constantly looking for porn videos and picture. Pakistan was ranked number one by the Google search.

Iraq and Egypt

According to the SimilarWeb’s analysis, Iraq and Egypt have the highest adult websites’ share. Due to their conservative nature, no one would have thought that they could appear on top after the ranking. Countries in the Middle-East and the Asian countries beat countries like UK, USA and Canada. This shows that adult websites are a lucrative market in the Middle East and Asia. Research shows that, the user sessions in these countries is the longest, but bounce rate is the highest. This is a prove that the users are very interested in the sex content, but they leave the websites accidentally and quickly.

Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore

Europe too dominates the list. This country registered the highest number of pages viewed per every visit. In front of Europe is Hong Kong and then Singapore in number five.

Muslim countries

Analysis shows that the countries that are Muslim predominant appeared top five in the list, despite their negative perception on pornography. Countries with strong religion influence comprises the top of the list. Despite the fact that erotic materials have been banned in almost all Arab countries, people in these countries tirelessly continue to search for porn content. For instance, the government of Iraq prohibited the production and distribution in the year 2009, but that did not stop the people from looking for this information.

Russia, Romania Bulgaria

Adults in the above countries spent a lot of time on adult websites. And this is an indication that these sites are successful in these countries.

Wrap Up

Adult websites become stronger by day. Majority of these sites originate from the European Countries, but the most traffic flow comes from the US. Considering that the industry for sex film is located in Los Angeles and the large size of US can explain this traffic flow. The per capita flow in US is not substantial compared to the other smaller countries. One can adopt to adult sites easily, and the industry is mainly influenced by the vast, ever-changing laws concerning the online pornography production and distribution. Regardless of all the restrictions put aside, adult website continues to flourish throughout the world.